What is EyeCareLive?

EyeCareLive is a telemedicine service focused primarily on the eye and vision care. Our network of US-based, licensed doctors provide eye and vision care for conditions which can be diagnosed and treated remotely. Doctors at EyeCareLive are well trained and experienced in treating conditions of the eye. If our doctors determine that your condition(s) requires immediate in-person treatment or follow up, they will refer you when possible to an eye care provider in your geographic area or an emergency/urgent care center if necessary.

What can I use EyeCareLive for?

EyeCareLive is a network of US-based, licensed Optometrist and Ophthalmologists. You can consult our doctors for common eye conditions such as eye allergies, infections, swelling, dry eyes, systemic conditions that may affect the eyes, etc. You may also use EyeCareLive for follow up appointments or to connect with your doctor about ongoing issues and treatment. EyeCareLive is not designed for emergency care.

How much does a visit cost at EyeCareLive?

The fee for the visit is only $49.

Can I follow-up with EyeCareLive if my condition doesn’t improve?

After your visit with EyeCareLive, your doctor may follow-up with you through the app to ensure you are following the recommended treatment plan and are taking all prescribed medication. If your condition doesn’t improve, you may notify your doctor through the app and they will be in touch with you for further evaluation.

Can I get prescriptions or a prescription refill?

EyeCareLive doctors have the ability to call a prescription into your preferred pharmacy or refill your current medications as needed. Fees may apply.

Is EyecareLive available in my state?

Yes! EyecareLive is available throughout the United States of America.

What if my conditions can’t be treated by EyeCareLive remotely?

Your doctor will make the best effort possible to diagnose your eye condition and provide treatment options. If your condition cannot be thoroughly diagnosed on a video call, they may ask to see you in the office or refer you to an eye doctor in your area for an in-person visit. If our doctors feel emergency care is necessary, you will be referred to an ER or doctor who specializes in care for your specific condition. In either case, your doctor may follow up with you after your visit.

Is my personal, health, and credit card information secure through the app?

Yes, EyeCareLive is a HIPAA compliant platform and all stored info is securely encrypted and cloud-based.

Is my smart phone good enough for diagnosis?

Smartphones are now capable of very high-resolution cameras that are adequate for taking quality pictures and videos that doctors can use to diagnose most of the conditions.

Why am I being asked to pay for this remote visit when I have insurance ?

EyeCareLive is not contracted with insurance panels. The fee of $49 is much less than most Urgent Care/ ER visit copays.